A Pom Pom Winter

Ok so there is one thing I am certain about this winter … it is going to be COLD !!! Now usually I would not mind because all this means is thicker jumpers and longer socks under my jeans , but this winter I intend on making a change…well maybe not a change but an EFFORT . This winter I will say goodbye to blacks , greys and dark shades , goodbye to baggy jumpers loose fitting jeans and my beloved converses and instead say hello to colours more fitted tops which show my curvy shape and shoes with hard soles  (that may be the biggest step I have taken in a while )!!

I intend in joining my confident F&F partner in crime and wearing clothes which make me look and feel good my plan is to stay away from the safe and at times boring and instead mix it up . Now I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea I am not some big tom boy who can’t dress and has decided to do some kind of “winter wardrobe  blog challenge “ !!!  I just want to be less lazy with my outfits and be more “bang bang”.

Right so below is some winter warmers which I think we all might need to consider in the next couple of weeks , I love pom poms as it can sometimes add a quirky-ness to a plain outfit…tell me what you guys think.

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