Something is Missing…….

F & F is a couple post in and I am sure you are aware that something appears to be missing from are blog….Picture post !!!! Now myself and Esther  could make up a thousand excuses of why there are no pics of us yet but the long and short of it is ….. we look fugly hahah well maybe that’s a bit strong . Lately my outfits have been based on my mood and my mood is not the greatest at the moment. Since we decided to do this blog both of us have been pretty busy with work etc and have therefore slipped up on our “Bang Bang “ fashion but as of next week Monday I plan to be putting picture post up !!!! Now don’t go getting excited every day for me is not some glamorous look where I am head to toe in the key fashion pieces like I said in a previous post I am changing my dress sense but I have to be able it to apply it to my work look.

With this been said my work pal Una is very excited to become my photographer so if the images look bad remember it’s not the person in the picture it’s the person taking it lol xx

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