These Boots were made for Walking

As soon as I saw these boots in the Oxford Street Evans branch I had to have them …but as typical Natalie does I walked around the store 101 times in them asked Esther egg what she thought and then decided to leave them!!! My motto is if I leave the store and I can’t stop thinking about them then maybe I’ll purchase ….I went back to Westfield the next day and brought the beauties lol. There a bit wide for me but that’s solved slightly with thicker socks and they are not as comfy as my trainers but it’s the first time I am wearing them so I’m sure I will get use to them ! First picture post below ( not as easy as I thought to put my face on this thing but let me know what you think ) Nats x

Shirt : New Look , Belt : Evans , Leggings : Matalan , Boots : Evans ,Watch : LTD ,Scarf : Camden , Socks : Good old Primark 🙂

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One Response to These Boots were made for Walking

  1. Una says:

    those are some killer boots

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