The Company we keep

The one thing I feel I can rely on at this moment is my friends. Now I have never had a problem making friends I’m like my mother ill talk to anyone anywhere. With that been said even though I may talk to many I only trust a few and those few mean so much to me ( don’t worry I won’t get too soppy lol ) .Last week I went out with my  work smiley pals and had a great time it was just dinner and then a quick drink but it turned out to be so much fun . As I am rocking this new positive attitude I decided to bring my bang bang game with me that day and since it was not that cold I wore one of my favourite leggings which I got from Evans. If you’re a curvy girl I am sure you know that you have to go a few sizes down in Evans leggings for them to fit nicely and not fall down !!! I matched them with my black batwing top and a chain which I originally got for Esther as it was half price but it looked good on me so now I plan to keep it lol !! and of course my vans .

I do believe the company we keep can at times reflect the type of  person we are or are trying to be, meaning if you hang around with a bad crowd there is only so far you can go … but if you have a good bunch of friends who are positive , constructive, uplifting etc  (and  if they are like mine then let’s not forget wise cracking , sassy , up front and hilarious ) then the worlds your oyster …or something along those lines lol xx nats xx

Leggings : Evans , Top and Necklace : New Look, Watch : LTD  Bracelet : Primark , Earings : Topshop , Ring: Accessorize, Footwear : Vans

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