Chick with brains – I’m exactly as it states on the t-shirt lol

I received two off putting comments about my “chick with brains t-shirt “ one person said “ it’s a bit naff” and someone else said “it’s a bit cheesy “, but that does not bother me at all because I like my t-shirt ( if I didn’t I would not of brought it !!). What I am interested to know is just because I’m on the wrong side of 25 does this mean I need to dress accordingly ? what does dressing you age mean ?? how does a slightly over 25 year old dress ? does it depend on my occupation !!! My mother is the first person to say you should be wearing more smart shoes and bringing more dresses into your style but I tend to numb that noise out and continue to buy and wear what I want. Now to some the t-shirt is childish but what is wrong with that why can’t I bring some silliness/ Fun to my look ? it does not really change who I am  and in another sense the t-shirt is kinda true lol . Maybe I am being like others and reading too much in to a simple t-shirt at the end of the day I like it so there ( * sticking my tongue out like a child * ) 😛  Nats xxx You can see a  pic below to form your own opinion .

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