Ish in our Bag (Part 1)

Many a time a chum or a random will be be like “Hey Nat what’s in the bag or Esther why is  your bag so darn heavy” normally after I have blanked staired them down for 2 minutes and if Nat’s KMT has not deterred them from asking again,  we tell them none of your bee wax (yes we be old school) but for you, dear reader we will give you a sneak peak…..

Esther’s Bag :I am fond of big ass bags. I used to be a brownie so I like to be prepared for every eventuality. Like a black Mary poppins I pull things out of my bags that amaze and dumfound.

I’m at work so have my work bag with me and it contains my weekday wonders.

Vaseline and hand cream: I cannot function with dry lips or hands. Will not, wont, I said no damit!!!

Tissues: to catch those moist moments.

Make up: just in case I’m called into a meeting or after work beverages.

Marketing Magazine: I like to keep up to date with current marking and advertising goings on and  I look intellectual on the train.

Umbrella:  I live in the UK , nuff said

Pen: I’m a scribbler so I like to have a pen in my bag just in case

Mints: I like my mouth to feel fresh and clean.

Purse: it’s where I keeps ma pennies

Keys: keys open doors

Pain Killers: When the head ache of work get to much

IPhone charger: My iPhone battery last as long as an ice lolly on a hot day

I don’t go anywhere without my phones. Some would say I have the best of both worlds with my Blackberry and my IPhone, but to tell you the truth I’m not a fan of the blackberry.

There is much much more in there but I would be here all day with the randomness in my bag so check out what’s in Nats bag in the next post xxx Esther xxx

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