Ish in our Bag (Part 2 )

whats in my bag:


1.Phones- No I guess two phones are not necessary however I already had my chunky N95 which I love but everyone is on the Blackberry Hype and I was persuaded/Pressured to jump on board …Hence my two phones …I now love them both

2.The Official High way code – praying and revising this book every day to and from work !!!until then 3. Oyster is my only means around London ( that or to walk everywhere but we will call that plan B …and since Plan A is working fine … )

4. Coca Butter – If you know me I will not go anywhere without this thing , I have had major freak outs if I cant find it I have like a huge tub in my room and stock up regularly just encase I lose one lol

5.Twangers – ok so these are not always in my bag but I do love these bad boys !!! total sour rush which in my opinion is always needed .

6.Ipod – Does not really need an explanation if you have one you know …

7.Victoria Secret and Charlie Spray – Always good to have some sort of body mist/perfume in the bag you never know where you may get invited to after work lol

8. Card protectors –makes my card feel pretty lol

9.Comb – im a just encase kind of girl ….you never know there could be a gust of wind which could move one strand of my hair out of place !!!

10.Purse – I need a new one !!!!


xxxNats xxx

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