Ish in our Bag (Part 2 )

whats in my bag:


1.Phones- No I guess two phones are not necessary however I already had my chunky N95 which I love but everyone is on the Blackberry Hype and I was persuaded/Pressured to jump on board …Hence my two phones …I now love them both

2.The Official High way code – praying and revising this book every day to and from work !!!until then 3. Oyster is my only means around London ( that or to walk everywhere but we will call that plan B …and since Plan A is working fine … )

4. Coca Butter – If you know me I will not go anywhere without this thing , I have had major freak outs if I cant find it I have like a huge tub in my room and stock up regularly just encase I lose one lol

5.Twangers – ok so these are not always in my bag but I do love these bad boys !!! total sour rush which in my opinion is always needed .

6.Ipod – Does not really need an explanation if you have one you know …

7.Victoria Secret and Charlie Spray – Always good to have some sort of body mist/perfume in the bag you never know where you may get invited to after work lol

8. Card protectors –makes my card feel pretty lol

9.Comb – im a just encase kind of girl ….you never know there could be a gust of wind which could move one strand of my hair out of place !!!

10.Purse – I need a new one !!!!


xxxNats xxx

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Ish in our Bag (Part 1)

Many a time a chum or a random will be be like “Hey Nat what’s in the bag or Esther why is  your bag so darn heavy” normally after I have blanked staired them down for 2 minutes and if Nat’s KMT has not deterred them from asking again,  we tell them none of your bee wax (yes we be old school) but for you, dear reader we will give you a sneak peak…..

Esther’s Bag :I am fond of big ass bags. I used to be a brownie so I like to be prepared for every eventuality. Like a black Mary poppins I pull things out of my bags that amaze and dumfound.

I’m at work so have my work bag with me and it contains my weekday wonders.

Vaseline and hand cream: I cannot function with dry lips or hands. Will not, wont, I said no damit!!!

Tissues: to catch those moist moments.

Make up: just in case I’m called into a meeting or after work beverages.

Marketing Magazine: I like to keep up to date with current marking and advertising goings on and  I look intellectual on the train.

Umbrella:  I live in the UK , nuff said

Pen: I’m a scribbler so I like to have a pen in my bag just in case

Mints: I like my mouth to feel fresh and clean.

Purse: it’s where I keeps ma pennies

Keys: keys open doors

Pain Killers: When the head ache of work get to much

IPhone charger: My iPhone battery last as long as an ice lolly on a hot day

I don’t go anywhere without my phones. Some would say I have the best of both worlds with my Blackberry and my IPhone, but to tell you the truth I’m not a fan of the blackberry.

There is much much more in there but I would be here all day with the randomness in my bag so check out what’s in Nats bag in the next post xxx Esther xxx

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Tuesday Want :

I’ve been eyeing up this playsuit for a couple of weeks now !!! As the saying goes I Want ! I Want ! I Want !

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St Paddy Day

I official call the 13th August Paddy day since my mum’s name is Patricia ( but i nicknamed her paddy lol) and we spent the day celebrating her birthday. We  had so much fun and I treated her to a massage at the Sanctuary in Richmond then we went for Dinner and cocktails .

What did you guys get up to this weekend? Xxx Nats xx

Please see pics below :

Outfit : Skirt -New Look , Jacket -Forever 21 , Vest -Evans , Espadrilles -Office , Bag -River Island , Watch – Asos , Bracelets -Primark

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We are back with a summer BANG !

Ok ok so we really neglected the blog !!!! Esther and I got so busy we seem to have pushed the blog to the side and for a while I think we both thought what was the point of our blog ??!!! but then I realised on my lunch breaks I was forever looking at other peoples blogs and I really missed updating my own, so now we are back and we really will try and keep updating more frequently . It’s finally getting hot in London town and everyone is in the holiday spirit I am not actually going anywhere until November but that has not stopped me buying and putting aside my holiday wardrobe !!! I thought I would show you guys my Summer SALE wish list below …although I really doubt I can buy anymore things to “put aside” since I have way more than enough already but a girl can dream right …… Nats xxx


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Friday Want …..

I want and need these in my life !!!! i don’t care if my friends think they are childish and silly , they scream Natalie buy me lol !!!! and that is what i plan to do …well once i know the price and where they are being sold .

Like the saying goes : i want !!! i want !!! i want !!!

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Hello ..Good Morning

I’m Back…ok so I never really went anywhere but I was very naughty and neglected the blog for a couple of weeks and for that my apologies . Anyway looking forward I’m back and staying positive !!! the weekend was a quiet one but I did go out for a quick boogie ( I realise that makes me sound old but hey ho ! ) with my bestie so I thought I would show you what I wore . ( sorry about the bright light background … I really need to get a new camera )hope you all enjoyed your weekend xx Nats xxx

Dress and Jacket : New Look , Tights : I do not remember lol , Bracelets : H &M , Watche : Casio , Shoes : New Look

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Anchors Away

Is it just me or does anyone else have the jan blues ? I know it’s a brand new year and it is way to early to start feeling negative but i just don’t feel inspired by anything …. maybe i m too impatient and i am waiting for something amazing to happen or maybe it’s the fact that i am going away on holiday in april and i am on the tightest budget i have been on since i was in uni lol ….yeah maybe that its. That being said i love the anchor cardi i got from new look ages ago i think it cute. Since i wont be hitting the shops anytime soon be prepared to see a lot of mix and matches in my outfit 🙂 nats xxx Enjoy your weekend xxx

Outfit : Cardi : New Look , Jeans : Doroth Perkins , Converse , Watch : Casio

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Wednesday Want …..

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You have what it Takes !!

Look magazine is one of my favourite fashion mags , I love all the fashion, high street trend focus and celeb gossips that they feature also I love the fact that they realise that not all women are the same size !!! so I was really happy when I picked up last weeks mag and saw that they were teaming up with Itv Lorraine for a curvy model search. It is really easy to enter and the prizes are fantastic. They Include :

  • A year-long modelling contract with top agency 12+ UK Model Management
  • Regular feature in Look magazine’s High Street Catwalk
  • Modelling on the catwalk in The LOOK Show s/s 2011 during London Fashion Week

I bet your thinking yeah but you won’t enter the competition …and yes your right I’m not planning to enter but don’t let that stop you !!! if your confident enough then why not give it a go …like I’ve said in the subject : YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES  xxxx Nats xxx Click the link to find out more info: Look and Lorraine Curvy model search.

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